I need to catchup

by @yam655


Liner Notes

Again, this is AI-transcribed #lo_fi #improvised #acapella


catching up. I'm catching up. I didn't do what I said I would catching up. I'm catching up. I need to catch up so that I will be good. I wanted to make more songs. Any songs yesterday. I did not. So now I must catch up, catch up, catch up. What kind of song will this be? What kind of song will flow for me? What kind of song will it be? Listen for a while and you'll see. I need to Yes, catch up. Catch up. Yes, you'll see. I wanted 11 songs every day. I messed up. And I didn't sing any yesterday. So I will Yes, catch up. Oh, catch up. You see, if I were someone who made their own kitchen things. I might make my own catch up, though. I've heard it's really tricky. This is not that catch up. Not that ketchup or mustard. I need to catch up. But now I'm thinking of sandwiches. I like love Lee sandwiches. Sometimes I want a hummus sandwich. Sometimes I want a veggie burger. Sometimes I do even eat me eat. I am not super mean. I don't want them to be beat. But I will appreciate appreciate third life and I will consume them and it will be fine. I must Yes. Catch up. Catch up. Yes, you'll see. too. I want a sandwich. Yes, I surely do. And I want a song. This song is one it's true. With this. I might catch up. Catch up. Yes, you'll see


I sooo relate to this. Thanks for the big grin before going to bed without having written a Song again.
I have this strange visual of you (even tough I don't know what you look like) standing at the kitchen counter making your lunch thinking about FAWM. Realizing that you need to get back to work on it, but you need to get lunch made first so you start singing to yourself while work in the kitchen.

I'm just saying I might be guilty of singing while doing the dishes - especially if I forgot my headset on my desk and am not willing to go back to get it.

Congrats on getting the song out and getting closer to that number 14 and thank you for the visual and helping me realize I'm not alone in my kitchen singing :D.

(and note... I am guessing I'll hear your voice next time I reach into the fridge for some ketchup :) )