I can't photosynthesize

by @yam655


Liner Notes

Again, this is AI-transcribed #lo_fi #improvised #acapella


Any time i e, I'm consuming live at any time I eat, it brings some life's drive. I can't photosynthesize and so I must consume. Something must die. And it's really fairly soon. Some people like vegetables, some people like fruit, all fruit is alive when you eat it, screaming little souls pleading for their lives. And they're so yummy when we eat them, chew them up with their mouths and then eat them. But I like to remember that they're alive. I don't pro it out of my mind. Yes, they're alive. As is everything. They had hopes and dreams and dreams, and I've shattered everything. I really appreciate this. I respect and honor their lives. I like to be kind of friendly. I don't want everything to suffer. There's enough so for rain, I don't need to kill them. Slow slow, Lee. If you think that way is true. Every bite comes out of you. Lovely little fruit that's totally alive till the last piece of it slides inside. Digest just did in my belly while it's alive. Kind of scary. kind of disgusting, but it's alive and I gobble it up. At least the meat is not alive.


Ooooh the dreams of fruit (and vegetable). I have heard one school of thought that fruit is plant/tree 💩 , root vegetables are another matter and point well taken. An entertaining listen from a unique perspective.