Everyone Eats Someone

by @yam655


Liner Notes

I'm talking plants, which are normally eaten while still alive! It's kind of gross to eat plants when you think about it. At least animals are dead when folks eat them.

I actually am an animist. I find it interesting that it is hard to find vegans in animist cultures.

Again, this is AI-transcribed #lo_fi #improvised #acapella


Everyone eats someone, we all eat other everyone eats someone, I try to be nice. I am what they call in animals animist. I acknowledge that all have lives, I am what they call an animist. So, so many lives, so many souls and I. So, people like to think that things are super limited. They don't see hardly anything. They live such narrow lives. I say that is fine. I don't even mind every one find some things that they feel is fine. I think that it is good if they don't mind. But for me, it's just not right. The cop I dream from has a mind or soul or spirit that is deep insight. I acknowledge this and that's all right. So when I II things, so one yes, will die. And if I break things, then even then, so Holmesian will cry. So I acknowledge that they are law lie. So ya say good luck, and good bye


I once wrote a song like this and I got comments like "Well that's just your opinion!!", which I thought was a bizarre response.
I absolutely love your words; I'm behind ya all the way.
One again, the badly transcribed lyrics are hilarious and add a bit of surrealism to the whole thing.
Yeah, this one is excellent.