Our Aesthetic, No

by @yam655


Liner Notes

Again, this is AI-transcribed #lo_fi #improvised #acapella


If you asked if it was our aesthetic to look like this is our aesthetic, no, our s that IQ No, we did not choose to look like this. This is how we grew our s that IQ No, our S No. You can put on clothes. But us trees we have our was the evergreens with their needles and cones and the wrinkled and winding trees, the evergreens with their needles and combs the DC to add their trees are aesthetic. No, our s stick No, we do not have the choice is to just look like other things. We can't go other places. We choose to grow where our sea happens to be where they just happen to be. It might be super, super neat. If our roots grew into feet, and we could wander and see. Maybe then we could make different choices. wear different hats and other things. Maybe then we could make other choices. But now No, no. Is our s Zedek. No, it's our s Zedek no


I would love to see trees walking around, being able to see the wonders of the world. I wonder if trees appreciate that they only get to have one view for life, until they're cut down knocked down or simply wither into the ground ? This is a nice idea, I like the imagery it conjures up in my mind. I dig this appreciation of the trees.