Surrounded by Bees (2023)

by @yam655


Liner Notes

I'm pretty sure I used this title a different year.

Again, this is AI-transcribed #lo_fi #improvised #acapella


Bees Bees carvery me, bass bass. All I see just just be please buy spice. Spice buzzing. Just Jews be his. That's why I am a lolly in. I am laughing at least inside. I don't know what to do outside the bees buzzing all around me. The bees are buzzing and it's all I see. Buses buses cars. Is is is I don't know how I got in here. Stuck with a bunch of bees and beer. I drink that beer. Oh, while the bees live in that bottle now. And I just see bees buzzing that is alive. I see around here. How did I wind up in here? I think I might know. I was just grab bean. Beer. It feels so love. Go. But I went out for beer. I just watch to the store. I went out for a beer. I was walking kind of slow. The person walking be behind me said move Oh over or I'll stick you in some B's. What could I do? What could I say? I stabbed a sigh side I thought they were kidding. What could I do? What could I say? And so I just look at their face and frown and frown sharp looking at me that way you could look so better than that. I don't like you thinking that way. Our will stick you in BS so I wound up in here surrounded by bees with my beer.


Wow - stream-of-consciousness as lyric writing, cool.
This melody reminds me of how a hymn melody would sound.
Very creative.