Through the Storm and Pain

by @screwtopkittens

Liner Notes

#pop_punk #emo #demo

A little pop punk / emo ditty very much channelling the mid 2000s bring out the eyeliner and big hair


This is right up my alley. These mixing recommendations are valid. Great potential!
I love this so much!!! hnggggg!! I love the guitar progression in the beginning, I love the vocals. I will be listening many times!

The drums need a little more punch, try mixing up some small bands around 2-5khz a little bit, maybe even around 1.5k. search for the sound of the impact of sticks, not too much or you'll over saturate the high end and that can make the cymbals sound too bright.

give the guitar a tiny push, make them just a little louder in the mix.

amazing song, I love it!!!! Keep it up!
I think I heard these guys supporting "Hearts that hate" in 2005. Best gig ever.
I like the song but to me the drums sound as they were recorded through the wall from another room. I think this is due to the bass is too prominent in the mix leaving little room for drums. Cut the bass frequencies and the mix will be a lot clearer and punchier. Mixed on monitors lacking bass?