The Disconnected

by @patabsent

Liner Notes

My second ever FAWN demo! I planned to spend less time on this one but I was having too much fun to stop.

Lyrically this song is loosely inspired by getting sucked into "the machine zone" as a habitual gamer mixed with a bit of mysterious imagined personal drama. Previously I've mostly written lyrics that are pretty true to life but I'm enjoying getting weirder and more openly finding out what feels good and hangs together as a whole.

The seed for this one came to me on the morning of Feb. 3, a little Dm7 guitar arpeggio, and by the end of the day (and after a full day of work!) I'd gotten the basic arrangement, lyrics, and vocal tracks done. On Feb. 4 I had the day off and added the guitar tracks, including my first ever five string bass and eBow recordings, and spent a lot of time mixing, which is not one of my areas of expertise. If I had more time (or skill playing) I'd record my physical synthesizers, but since I'm trying keep moving forward I'm just using Logic soft synths here.

I'm learning a lot and stretching my skills thanks to FAWM! And the deadline pressure + friendly audience has been very motivational. In four days I've finished my first two robust demos of the year.

Thanks for listening! If you have any idea what genre this kind of song is, please share because I already have a few more like it on deck for my next album. I have some guesses in the hashtags 😂

#indie #electronic #guitar #rock #post_punk #new_wave #spooky #dark #weird #art_pop #art_rock #darkwave #indie_pop #indie_rock #rock #synths #synthpop #ebow #onechord


sixteen seconds
until my next hit
another night with
the disconnected

in this machine
we are collecting
hollow moments
and empty habits

the wait has ended
unleash your malice
upon the fragile
exhausted masses

in competition
we feel valid
until the ending
I am a captive

I can't forget
the way it happened
at our last meeting
we were elastic

another moment
until I'm plastic
a solid mass
immersed in acid

it bubbles up
from somewhere tragic
the way you felt
electric static

before my eyes
it's so attractive
just one more time
my mind collapses


For what it's worth, I love Logic's soft synths. In this song you demonstrate great control over dynamics. The song rolls along, bubbling at a low boil and then every once in a while, wham, you hit us with a distorted guitar or something. Fun listen!
Hey, this is good - dark and breeding! I love how the tension slightly builds up without exploding. I especially like the "I am a Captive" part where the song is building up with the bass and guitars motifs.
And you have a very interesting and individual voice that lets me think of... I don't know: maybe a bit John Cale or Stuart Staples of Tindersticks?!

A very good example that a fine song doesn't need more than one chord. Well done!
This feels to me like Duran Duran's "Save A Prayer" had a baby with Wire's "Feed Me", and I am *here* for it lol. Great vibe throughout, and the spiraling stuff (done with the aforementioned e-bow, I presume?) going on in the background is unsettling in just the best way.
I really like the layers of the synths in here - as others have said, it builds nicely. No single element tries to do too much, but they layer in together really well to build the picture.
Really nice atmosphere created by this track. Feels somewhere between the darker side of Depeche Mode and goth. Really effective use of repetition with the arp that underpins the rest of the song.
In the Dinotopia books, they say that time moves like the spirals of the Auger seashell—while history repeats itself, it’s constantly growing and changing. That’s how I felt during this song: it was spiraling and growing and building on itself. This was a wonderful listen, thank you!
A really interesting and rewarding listen. It's building up and up, with the snakey stringy synths, feeding the listener with guitar accents chopping in left and right. Love that sound of that noisy *drr!-nrr!*! Great imagery without getting too literal. I like to listen to the song before reading the liner notes, and I imagined this was either about addiction or Twitter... a pretty close guess to "habitual gamer" I guess, LOL. I think your tags are accurate. It's somewhere there in the "dark-[?]" / "goth" realm for sure.
I love how the music builds and swirls. very nice!
these synths are subtly instense building a sense of suspense though its not moving far. but i love it. and the emotions in ur words are awesome love the delivery. love the way you slowly bring all these elements in. a little something new for the ears around every corner. i like it alot! keep it up and am excited to see what else you can come up with during the month! goodluck!!
Another amazing song!!!!! I love this so much, it has so many elements to it.