Beloved, please

by @haloquin

Liner Notes

I'm pushing myself to share rawer things. This, particularly, is an #acapella #acoustic_one_take

Which is scary.

Then, this is actually playing with some of my metaphysics/beliefs as a love song...

And I wanted to experiment with singing with the emotions.

All of this is ultimately a prayer, a hope, a longing, a questioning.

Can I believe in the divine love of the universe? Can I believe in the divinity of myself? And can I, then, know myself to be beloved.

Or, if you asked the power of Love if it would love you... What would it say?

#folk #ballad #vocals #pagan #witchy #magick #love_song



Beloved, do you hear me,
can you hear my prayer?
I know you know what love is,
I hope that you're still there.

Beloved, can you feel me,
reaching for your touch,
I know you know what love is,
Can I still feel that much?

Beloved, I am calling,
my heart is hard to find.
You who are the Universe,
so you must be on my mind.

Beloved, I am waiting,
to feel your love again.
You are Spirit dancing
for the sake of union.

Beloved, I am hoping
that you will hear my heart,
and help me find the love I lost
you gave me from the start.

Beloved, yes I hear you,
I'm never far at all,
your heart is still here beating
my heart is ever full.

Beloved, never question
if love you'll feel again,
we are one and all and none
and my love's yours again.
that will never end.


I love the prayer as question and answer - it seems like a conversation between Beloved and Beloved. I like the title too.
Maybe I'll do an accapella song too in FAWM - very inspiring!
very well done brave to do acapella - you do it really well and this lyric is a fine fuel
Beautiful, and a lovely voice, too! I like the way the personal love evolves to universal love.
we are one and all and none
and my love's yours again.

SUCH a Beautiful, heartfelt, yearning write and sing! Such an emotive should out to the universe and the verse I posted is just perfect in every way, especially in raw truth. I think this is brilliant, personal, yet relatable to everyone. What a great song and message to put out into the universe!!!