by @kosch

Liner Notes

#indie_folk #singer_songwriter #acoustic_one_take
Hi FAWM community - first year, first submission.
Here is an early AM acoustic sketch of "Secrets"
I used the Feb prompt "Secret" from another song writing challenge I'm involved with (Windy_Harper), and it led me here.
I'n certain I'll not write 14(!!) this month, but I am interested to see what comes out of this.
Didn't spend much time on practice...and, perhaps she'll get a bridge at some point..but in the interests of "getting on with it" 😀 - here is "Secrets"


Shadows dripping down the wall
Stumbling feet, trying not to fall
Each step, a little harder than the last

I learned from the best
Every day is some kind of test
But, you never find out if you passed

No matter what they say, never tell you anyway
They need to keep their secrets, I suppose x2

It's never been so hard before
To try to find an open door
Perhaps, I should just give up, after all

Then I see you in front of me
Though I know it can not be
Somehow, it saves me from the fall

No matter what they say, never tell you anyway
They need to keep their secrets, I suppose...


Nicely delivered!
Always great to have a Purpose to display... You know a moral. With out it's just another story. You got it in everyone I've heard so far.
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Thank you so much for listening, and for your thoughts - I don't know how long FAWM has been a thing, but I wish I had stumbled upon it sooner. A wonderful community!
Hey thanks for listening to a couple tracks - I would certainly like to hear your thoughts - my first year here...but this seems like a pretty knowledgable community (I'm a living room couch writer... haha)
I kept listening to the verse progression thinking it needed to land on an Em, but now I think the unstable chord progression suits the verses, cause they're filled with so much doubt. I have some ideas about the chorus, but this is your song so man I don't want to like overstep my boundaries here but if you want let me know I'll I'll lay them on you.
Coming into your first FAWM and jumping right out of the gate strong! This song sounds so good and the lyrics have a wonderfully mysterious vibe. The feel is very cohesive throughout. Great song!
This song should not be kept a secret. I particularly like
"Every day is some kind of test
But, you never find out if you passed"

Fourteen songs is a theoretical target but not an obligation. I think the object of the month is to put your head down and seriously try to write. Whatever comes out is a success.
enough here to keep me til the end - good job!
Great feel, great pacing.
The slight bluesy undertone to this is cool. Great start to the month and I hope you surprise yourself in aiming for 14 songs!
thats a cool lyric and a strong delivery! very tight guitar! very good chorus that is stuck in my head!