A cure for loneliness

by @intoyourlight

Liner Notes

#piano #vocals #singer_songwriter

This is one of these songs that just started to exist one afternoon when I decided to sit at my piano and sing to a chord progression. The lyrics were all over the place, I usually sing what comes to mind, often it doesn’t make any sense but I get a feeling for the rhythm and the sound of words I‘d like to use. The only thing that came up right from the start was the chorus, so I got the basic idea for where I wanted to go with the lyrics. In my head exists another version of this song with some jazzy drums, but for now I just wanted to get this song out of my system. Sorry/Not sorry for my still nasal-sounding voice btw.


One with the dark
One with desire
You’ve got to hold
On to yourself

Until you dissolve
And meet our entire
Universe - Don’t fret
You’ll get what you get

When you’re falling
You fall into me
I’ll be like a pillow
To your uncertainty

You’ll be moving
These colorful waters
Birth them anew

It is your birthright
Your virtue
Let me show it to you

You are whole
And holy are you to me


This is a really nice chord progression to repeat and repeat and repeat. It provides a really nice backdrop for the vocal performance and the words. The melody is nice too, strange and beautiful. The words are really nice - they evoke strange imagery, strange promises.

Like the piano melody line starting at 2:45 or whenever - pensive and beautiful. It has enough room to breath too, glad it wasn't shorter.

This is so beautiful. I love the interplay between the piano and the words - it feels like a good relationship between two people - where each one is distinct and different, and they give each other support and space. Your voice is exactly right for this. It would be interesting to figure out how to access that nasality anytime you want it.
Lovely vocals! I like the piano embellishment that comes in towards the end of the song (2:40 or so); it adds some brightness that compliments the more positive ending lyrics. Interesting delivery/pacing of the lyrics, too. Nice job! #tit4tat
Your process sounds very similar to mine and I can see the journey your words took you to get to this point. Really compelling performance and I love your vocals. Your voice is dark and beautiful and suits this mood well.
Toller Song, relaxte Atmosphäre und bewegend gespielt und gesungen. Ich mag die Idee das du die Worte einfach fließen lässt wenn du singst, das inspiriert mich, mit Melodien mach ich das ebenso, aber mit Text...
This is such a lovely little song. I love the piano's chord progression and the solo at the end!
Love your voice! Very interesting choice rhytmically. Nice!
I like how the "you" begins feeling like the singer is discussing themselves in the second person, then BOOM "you fall into me / I'll be like a pillow." Great image in that line and the closing whole/holy bit, too.
Very glad to have found you here. Haunting opening on piano. You have a beautiful rich tone to your voice. Really lovely melody. Your phrasing is excellent. Watchlisted for sure.
I love the intimate late night piano haunt vibe of this. It’s past last call. The place is nearly empty but they’re still serving. And this song just floats through the smoky air and sticks you right in the chest. Beautiful.
Stunning vocals. Brilliant melody writing. So good!! I agree that this could be on a Bond soundtrack.
came back for another listen. Yep. Still THAT good! :)
I like that you described this as a song that 'just started to exist' - I don't know about you, but I find that all the best ideas come to you of their own accord. Anyway, this sounds great! That suave, darkness to the chords and the delivery of the vocal makes me feel like it would be at home in a Bond soundtrack or something of that ilk.
First things first: Whoa to that chord progression and that melody. Blew my socks right off my feet. The phrasing is exceptional too, as are your vocals. See me floored!
Got here via the “Recommendation Thread” and @wolfkier - Gorgeously haunting! Wow!
Oh yes!! That piano is rich and dark. Sensual and mysterious--love this!!
Oo, that is a tasty dark second chord in the progression you've got there. I think I may have said the same on your other song, but you're great at created some real drama without forcing it.
I like this very much. There are only two chords but you have chosen very interesting and unusual ones, which lends the song a slightly jazzy and gloomy atmosphere. Also you manage to increase the urgency of it all with your impressive singing performance, so that your song doesn't get boring. The lyrics are perfect as they leave enough space for personal interpretations.

Although it was dark, this was a delightful listening! Keep this at it is!

...und an dieser Stelle vielen herzlichen Dank für deine nette Songbewertung! Bis bald!
Intriguing atmosphere! Still cannot believe that this song only has two chords. Your vocal delivery is full of emotion. Yes, I'd rerecord this one!
Perfect and incredible.
if you are uncomfortable with the vocal tone, put it at the top of your list to redo when you are completely healed. This one is special.
Very nice and dark piano and late-night mood. Vocals are fab and not at-all nasal!