if i had a bag of hammers

by @fireballMod

Liner Notes

EDIT: FEB. 8 -- got the trio together for a live first-take recording!


no recording yet... but it's the 5th one i wrote...
keeping 'em in order...

this song is a lot (or at least a bit) more polished than much of my fawmage... but i haven't recorded it yet, because it's meant to be a vehicle for getting the trio from 2021 back together
some of them are divas, though, and scheduling has been challenging.

any time i think i've come up with a clever title, i have to see if it's already present/ubiquitous online. i didn't see this title, but i did find this great song by this great band:

here's the fireball chords if you're dying to play the song:


ain’t got no bag ... ain’t got no tools
just got a one-way ticket on this ship of fools
ain’t had no plan B ... when i set sail
and every crux looks like a nail

it ain’t so ba-a-a-ad – oh mah lord –
damn the whales and screengrabbers
big brothers watchin’ it’s true
if i ha-a-a-ad – had a bag – had a bag full o’ hammers
oh th’ mindboggled things i could do

ain’t got no blueprints ... them’s too refined
just got some vague ideas i saw online
shipmates keep shouting ... and i love that sound
always looking for something i can pound

i’m just a la-a-a-ad – oh mah lord –
amongst the zombies and backstabbers
in a land where the darknesses lurk
if i ha-a-a-ad – had a bag – had a bag full o’ hammers
i’d glove up and get down to work

ain’t got no tools ... ain’t got no bag
just want a good life that ain’t such a drag
just feeling bad, walking down the trail
and every crux looks like a nail

i ain’t ma-a-a-ad – oh mah lord –
here amongst the cadavers
formalin fumes all aroun’
if i ha-a-a-ad – had a bag – had a bag full o’ hammers
oh th’ walls would come tumbling down


sounds like the holy modal rounders making a demo for the grateful dead. excellent lyrics and adventurous vocal harmonies make this a joy to listen to.
Fireball strikes again. This is awesome.
What a great lyric!!!! Some really interesting language choices which really add to this (although I’m not sure what a crux -in the context you are writing -is) Can’t wait to hear this with music