Little Whispers

by @kappamuse

Liner Notes

#fawmtronica #vocals #cinematic #synthpop #pop #electronic #singer_songwriter

This is my first vocal track of FAWM 2023. I found these catchy instrumental hooks I must have composed years ago in my archive of unfinished songs, and made a whole track with some newly written words and singing and stuff.


In the attic of my mind
Riddles long forgotten wake from slumber
Forming whispers from behind
Little choir of a magic number

There’s a murmur in the wall
Press my ear against the speckled surface
Something’s been here all along
Though my sight has never once discerned it

I can hear you
Breathing through my silver painting
For a moment
Music of the spheres dilating

I can hear you
Singing through my silver painting
For a moment
Music of the spheres pulsating


Love everything about this. Wonderful melody loops, beautiful vocals, great rhythms. If you don't know him already, check out Color Theory, because he does a great job of promoting Synthwave songs from other artists (along with what he creates himself). He's a great guy and will to share and support (just like FAWM).
Cool lyrics that leave a lot to wonder about, while listening to this excellently produced and mixed track.
Love your sound choice as always, and you always create/utilize awesome arps.
Vocals sound great here, too - I like the soft tone against the mellow synths.
Track has a nice subtle bop to it with the fingersnaps and hat/shaker on the upbeat; cool feel. Love the slight bends to the synth bass and how the pads swell.
Great stuff as always
This is really good. Like the imagery in your lyrics and the melodic sense here...really nice!
Once again this is just great. You’re killing it with these songs. Definitely looking forward to more
Like the intro with the arp and fingersnap - really helps emphasise the arrival of the bass synth. Good vocals and lyrics. The chorus has a good hook and really sticks with you after the repeats in that long outro with the extra layered vocals.
This is stunning, great writing and execution! You really nail the lyrics of your tracks, they're interesting, flows nicely and are packed with substance, really nice to listen to. Great hook and chords too. Very nice job my friend:)
So lovely! A gentle space. "Press my ear against the speckled surface" is a wonderful line. Good vocals!