Interlude 1

by @doofnoobler

Liner Notes

#instrumental hey just some guitar in nature. Take a couple minutes and relax.


Using the birdsong gives me a nice ambiance of being outside while someone is playing along on the guitar in the middle of summer. A nice relaxing piece to sit back to.
What a lovely instrumental. A lovely variety of things going on. The birdsong was a lovely accompaniment - it is amazing what this kind of ambience can do to open out a recording. Although not strictly musical, love the deep field intergalactic travel video too!

1:45 - love the trip-uppy octaves? being played.
oh my goodness, you had me from note 1... this is gorgeous... the guitar chords speak to me, I love it...
There's a park near my house overlooking a large river from a grand and un-treed vantage point, and one day I met a guy there playing guitar in praise, and I sat and harkened. This reminded me of that peaceful and beautiful summer morning.
Peaceful, calming. Nicely played too. I picture you sitting under a tree with the guitar and a glass of lemonade :)