What's A Little Help Between Friends

by @morti

Liner Notes

A little #political? No, of course not. They're just friends. There's no chance one of them made the other chairman of the state broadcaster because of the £800,000 loan he helped him get. Purely coincidence.


What's a little help between friends
A little give and take
A little nod and wink

What's a little help between friends
A little credit here
A little knighthood there

I don't know why you'd have a problem
With old chums helping out each other
If he wasn't the best for the job
Then he wouldn't be my friend

Just friends hanging out together
Just friends eating lots of dinners
Just friends having such a good time
Helping each other through these times of decline

What's a little help between friends
A little confidence
A little guarantee

What's a little help between friends
A little malfeasance
A little villainy

There's no scandal or wrongdoing
Just a close personal friendship
And I don't know why the papers always
Pick on my and my friend

Just friends helping one another
Just friends. friends who like to govern
Just friends enjoying lots of fine wines
Partying hard while ordinary people die


Nice job! I like how the seriousness gets more intense as the song goes along, working up to scandals and paper-worthy issues. Presented well, too...playfulness belies the message in a good way. #tit4tat
Brilliant lyrics. So clever and cutting. And I really like the song structure as you move from verses to chorus. I have lots of family and friends in the UK, so this stings for me too.
If he wasn't the best for the job
Then he wouldn't be my friend

Isn't that the way! I like the way you poke fun at your politicians. Regardless of country, we can all find examples of such practices. And there's nothing more fun than "Partying hard while ordinary people die"

As @siebass has mentioned, it's interesting to hear the bass line mirroring the vocal.

Good political satire. #tit4tat
Fun bassline here following the vocal melody; what's wrong with a little help between friends? I laughed at the "eating lots of dinners" line. Excellent job working "malfeasance" into a lyric as well. I do enjoy the guitar pattern here as well, nicely picked. Catchy hook, poigniant commentary. Well done.
It's sad that this is one of the most relevant things I've heard in a while.
YES! Wrapping a deadly serious topic into upbeat music is such a great way to make people listen. It totally worked with me! 😀
BRILLIANT!!! biting and fun, I love it.
“If he wasn’t the best for the job
Then he wouldn’t be my friend”

Class!! This is really fun, and a nice poke at the messed up ways of certain (not being political you understand) individuals and their ilk… that last line is perfection, delivered just right. A hard hitting song disguised as a jolly jolly. Beautifully British. Bravo.