A Slippery Slope

by @porrectus

Liner Notes

#singer_songwriter #fuc #acoustic_one_take #artificialintelligence #chatgpt

I read an article about the dangers of artificial intelligence software in academia a few weeks ago. The danger being that students could get programs to write their essays for them. I finally got access to ChatGPT and it was really fun but infinitely scary. So I had it write a poem about the ethics of AI writing lyrics for songwriters. I'd say the singularity is apon us. I am very aware of the irony.
The lyrics are entirely ChatGPT, we should get a collab thing for it.


AI, a tool so powerful
To write a song, it’s now capable,
But the ethics of using it, debatable,
What does it mean to be truly creative?

Should we rely on machines to compose,
Or should we leave it to the human prose?
What’s the cost of letting AI take control,
In the realm of music, it’s a slippery slope.

Some say AI is a way to save time,
To enhance the output and make it shine,
But what about the soul, the heart, the mind?
Can a machine truly capture those divine?


Perhaps we need a balance, a harmony
To merge the best of man and machine,
To create something truly unique,
That’ll stand the test of time, and not be deemed obsolete.


In the end, the choice is up to us,
To decide what we value the most,
For music is more than just a bunch of notes,
It’s the expression of the human soul.


So meta! The AI has actually made some really nice choices for the ends of each clause. Interesting that it doesn't rely on perfect rhymes either. Crazy good Collab and perfectly coined in the verse after the bridge. A great concept perfectly executed.
Love the placement of the lyrics, your natural intuition and musicality gives the song feel and groove. Also not sure if the cough was intentional, probably not, but I liked it, it’s connecting, humanising, you can’t replace the feels!
Well, CHATGPT ain't Hoagy Carmichael yet, but it is scary! Nice man and machine collab
Great collab :) love your music and the rhythm and tone on that uke (?), The sort of digital distortion on it is a great touch to offset the lyricist. Great chord changes. I tried getting some lyrics from ChatGPT this year but didn't like any of them. This is nicely meta.