Don’t take my church from me

by @colgoo

There is no demo for this song.

Liner Notes

So….I haven’t come up with the tune on this one yet, so a collab is welcome. My spouse of 26 years and I have been separated for a year now, and are heading towards divorce….which is super hard. I picture this as a country-western song.

#needs_music #queer


You’ve got the house. You’ve got the car.
You’ve got a job that pays you well.
You took and took and took some more
Our marriage turned from heav’n to hell
And when you sit there in the pew
Dressed in expensive finery
I fear that what you’re next to do
Is take my church from me

You’re queerly beloved and love our progressive church
But your choices affect me and leave me in a lurch
Your girlfriend hangs upon your arm at every Bible study
Her eyes shoot looks meant to do me harm
Don’t take my church from me!

I know that things are hard there on your end
I’m holding you in prayers, but still…
It’s hard to go from “spouse” to “friend”
When my sacrifice seems visceral
I do the work of leadership while you go on church retreat
In this divorce, I keep friendship,
But you’ll take this church from me.



Praying for you too. Sorry you have to go through this.

I was drawn in by the title. I particularly like the iages in first section - him dressed up in church.
I went through something similar to the character in this song…… if I lived it, it could very well be a country song……. My follow up song involved whiskey….. (….but no jukeboxes…..😁)
I like this! Could imagine a country backing to it. It's a very visual and effective set of lyrics.