by @radiobenedetto

Liner Notes

Super excited about this one. This is probably the closest I've come to the sound I have in my head for my music. This textured downtempo electronic accompaniment is what I've always imagined accompanying my fingerstyle guitar but with vocals and songwriting as the foundation and not just as atmospheric instrumental as you would typically find in that genre. I've never felt up to the production challenge but also never found the right production partner to achieve it. This is the closest demo yet to the sound I hear. A lot more sound design involved in this one, making my own loops and samples and doing lots of chopping and process to create new sounds. This is also the project that ate FAWM so I will probably keep production to a minimum going fwd unless the muse says otherwise. Female vocals are royalty free samples with some pitch modification as needed. Capo on the guitar is all they way on C# cause that's what my voice wanted for this one. #singer_songwriter #downtempo #capochallenge #fingerstyle, #acoustic_guitar, #electronic


(c) 2023 Words and Music by Bennett Grassano

Nostalgia is a friend that I used to know
We’d sip and reminisce about the
forlorn dead end places that we used to go

But the dreams of who we’d be
Soon fell like leaves fall from a tree
into this simple melody
that we are hearing

Oh miss limelight
Let me follow you down
into the afterglow

Unrequited was the one that I used to love
Times were wild and we were young
and there was no one we’d believe
could tell us no

But the lies we tell ourselves
Are but the winds that fills our sails
Who remains will tell the tales
Of being and becoming

repeat chorus

Loves like satellites
launch into the night
some will land and some
lost like distant light
love find a home tonight

We played the game
We did our part
We played our role
We called it art

But the tragic comedy
Becomes a crass commodity
What we called identity
Were copies of copies

oh sweet mystery light
oh keep shining bright
into the night
oh sweet limelight
let me follow you down
into the afterglow


I really like the production on this. The voice sounds great, and sits just right in the mix. Everything else swirls around the voice in a lovely way - ethereal, kind of. The chorus is really lovely. It feels uplifting to me, but ambiguous. The words look really good too. #tit4tat
Congrats on getting that sound you've been looking for. It works quite well.
This one is complex. I can't really say if it's sad or happy. Maybe comforting ?
The music is warm and dreamy, light in both meanings : the opposite of dark and the opposite of heavy. We got robotic noises butterflying (is that a word in english ?) sounding like it comes from a statelite or an internet cloud, very aerial and playfull. And the fingerpicking like sparkles dancing above a campfire shiny and twirling. And on that a voice slow and intense that could come from a sad song but instead, I feel peace and cozyness in it.
And then I read the lyrics and get the feeling it speaks of the times lost and the regrets. Yet I don't thing its tells sorrows. I rather feel some sort of forgiveness to the universe, or could you say some getting-over-it.
I think your song is a cure for an existential angst. Way to go !
This is Cool, the glow lasts well after the song is over. Very cool and creative electronic sounds that mesh well with the Very Fine acoustic guitar playing.
Nice smooth vocal to go along with the concise interesting lyric too.
Beautifully put together song. Really interesting lyrics and vocal melodies that kept me engaged all the way through. And I can hear why you are happy with your production. It's unusual musically, but still easy to like, and your vocals are spot on.
Thank you for suggesting I listen to this... so much to say... the chords in the 2nd part of the verse of pre-chorus when you hit "leaves from tree" and "fills our sails" is way cool. But the most awesome is the change down to chorus - such a great chord choice. Your voice is awesome. And the bridge is a nice change... I love this. Off to check out more of your work!! Thanks for your kind words btw!!
Thought I'd check this one out too, since you mentioned it a case study.

Loved it from the jingly outro - reminds me of Doves, at their best. The melody is tremendous, infectious through both the savoury and sweet aspects. Lyrically, it sits in an interesting place for me. It's stargazing but without all the enchantment. It's looking at a glass which presents itself as 'half full' and acknowledging that, while this is true, it is equally half empty. I think the optimism wins out in the end, and the final verse delivers this like the Affirmative team's right of reply in a little debate happening in the soul.

Your lyrical deftness continues to impress me. There are few days in which I'd feel brave enough to take on comedy/commodity/identity, although doing so from the context of silence is making some big promises.

I think I also prefer your take on the subject to my own - yours is both more personal and more mystical, for want of a better word. Re-reading my own lyrics, it seems almost sociological in nature, despite the motifs of bees and pigeons. Really glad you directed my attention here.
Wow. This is gorgeous. I love your voice. Great production. Lovely fingerpicking. Such a beautiful melody. So happy to have listened to this.❤️ #tit4tat1
This is quite a soundscape. Complex and very pretty. I enjoyed it.

Ya this MF turned out dude! This one kinda gives me twilight singers vibes in parts (huge dulli fan!) the guitar sounds great and adds a lot of movement to sorta contrast the slower ambient bits. Gorgeous lil music bed happening here and the change up with the strings round the 2 minute mark is an expert addition. Again the vox sound great too. Wanna jam sometime?

this song feels like such an ecosystem
it so alive
i am so happy i'm listening to this with headphones
it's a joy to experience
i especially love what's going on in the bridge
i love that the lyrics are complicated and your voice is so warm
my fav part is
But the tragic comedy
Becomes a crass commodity
What we called identity
Were copies of copies
wowzers! this is stellar!
This has such an easygoing feel to it, I really like the chorus especially. AND your voice has such a friendly warmth to it too. I think the bird chirps were a really nice enter/exit for this dreamy piece.
Yoo. Thanks for the feedback on the track, used to be an east bay resident as well! Must have seen you play somewhere at some point.

Seconded that the textures are really standing out and give this another level of intrigue. I wanna hear the stuff that’s hidden on the left and right in the chorus (sounds like brass and a female BGV?). Very catchy hook “let me follow you down” in particular scratches an itch for me. Unique sound that I can’t quite think of existing references for, a good sign
Very cool aural textures, with the steady arpeggio guitar and synth waves.
Favorite lines:
"But the dreams of who we’d be
Soon fell like leaves fall from a tree"
Oh yeah I can see why you were excited by this! You can feel the level of detail you put into the production. The melody is breathtaking. Love the panning on the reverse sounds. Yeah the level of sound design here is top notch, loved every second of this!
Love that fingerstyle guitar playing. The chorus sits just right. It’s interesting to read your liner notes. Congrats on replicating the sound in your head. This sounds great but I’ve gotta say, as a listener of your posts, they all sound darn good.
"This is probably the closest I've come to the sound I have in my head for my music." Hell yeah! Congrats, friend. This sounds professional, polished, and uniquely you. I'd say you've rocked this FAWM~!
Welcome to the production rabbit hole. I was able to dig my way out exept for one song. And I love what you cooked here. These beats work so well with the fingerstyle guitar. Absolutely dig these reverse FX. Cool bridge and an overall strong production.
It's so exciting when you can get the music to sound like you hear it in your head. Congratulations on that milestone. This sounds great to me.
Love going down a fawm production rabbit hole! You did an awesome job here though. Very catchy melody. Your voice has a resemblance to Jakob Dylan.
Isnt it a buzz when it really sounds how you wanted! personaly not surprised you like it - its catchy got some lovely back notes almost xylophone. excellent guitar picking nice synth (keys) a stong vox and a good bring it all together its a fine song! oh and its mixed well in the ears on headphones!
There's so much I like about this song. Really good sounding. Enjoyed listening.