by @pooka · @morti

Liner Notes

#rock #comedy #pyromania #collab

FKA "Playing With Fire". That's the title of a skirmish from... some years previous. 2016, I think? In any case, I remembered that title today randomly, and then (after a few more minutes spent digging in my memory) some lyrics I had started mentally composing at the time, before deciding not to take part at all.

These are new lyrics (finally!) around a similar theme.

I wasn't entirely sure what to do with this so I sent it to @morti. I didn't have an idea for a sound in my head, so the only stipulation I gave him was "playful". Since it's about setting things on fire, he wrote an increasingly crunchy rock track which I think does the trick quite nicely.

Vocals need a bit of re-recording if I'm going to finish this properly, but this should give you the general idea. Music sounds good, though, dunnit?


Food, I was trying to cook
But, sad, I had no idea
So I looked in the book
And saw this recipe here

It said, take some cheese
And slow-cook it for ten hours
It will be such a breeze
But I wanted much more power

So I played with fire -
I used a blowtorch to cook
My cheese became a pyre
And incinerated the cookbook

Then my kitchen burned
The wood went up a treat
The glass to liquid turned
The fire spread down the street

And now my town's on fire
My house has been destroyed
You might hear I'm a liar
But everyone's quite annoyed

'Cause I played with fire -
I caused an inferno
But it's okay, doctor
Because my cheese tastes great, y'know?


Ah, the lengths we'll go to to have tasty cheese in a hurry! I like the way the music builds with the fire.
The lyrics sound like a dream I might have. It's actually not that far off from one I had the other day -lol. It's fantasy and fun with some great images. I wish it was longer - I enjoyed the listen.
LOL 😂 Great rhymes, love the delivery. #tit4tat2
ha - what a fun little cautionary tale! (listened to as part of #malm (march album listening month)