by @jenniferparde

Liner Notes

. . . Just sliding in here with one new song, right before the end. Thanks to @midwayfair for the encouragement/reminder. :-)

This is a song about overcoming depression/inertia and learning (again) how to follow your muse.

#singer_songwriter #girl_with_piano #acoustic_one_take


Time passes by. . . so slowly.
Makes me wonder how flying would feel.
Makes me fear that the feelings are real.

And you hit the mark. . . so easily.
Soaring so high in the sky--
a reminder that I need to fly.


If I could breathe, I would think of
such beautiful stories to share
(but I wouldn't dare).

I know that I can't feel the weight of
the world,
when I'm holding so tight,
holding with all of my might.

. . . So I will float. . .

And from overhead, new perspective.
I see it all in my mind's eye.
It's so easy to fly.


I love the piano playing and your strong delivery. A great song!