Neogene (UPDATED 3/17)

by @silenceinthetemple

Liner Notes

#jazz #psychedelic #odd_time_signature #oraclechallenge

This is my entry for the Oracle Challenge. I drew the Five of Swords, so using that I wrote a song about extinction events. Also, keeping with the theme, it's in 5/4.

UPDATED 3/17: I added a new version with vocals and lots of other stuff, I'm pretty happy with it so far.


Hanging on a cliff's edge
Not a care at all
Five swords stab me
Nothing but a hostage
waiting for the fall

Cycles ending
New beginnings

Falling, falling
Falling, falling down
Into the rabbit hole we go
Creature of habit, moving too slow

It's not a choice
We have no voice
There's no escape
And so we wait
Wipe the slate clean
A eulogy
A remedy

Burning, burning
Burning, burning down
Just another fossil
in the ground
Into the rabbit hole
losing all control
Can't restrain myself
Manufactured Hell
Sovereign, safe, and free
Not for you, for me
It's not a problem
If it's not my problem

Sitting on a fencepost,
not a care at all
Five guns cracking
Tired and complacent,
curled up in a ball

Cycles ending
New beginnings

I'm not asking
I'm not telling
I'm just walking away
Passive, patient
Now awakened
Don't let on you're afraid


This was fun to listen to. My brain went on autopilot a bit, which was very soothing, and I just went along for the ride, which seems in opposition to your lyrics but was my experience. "Just another fossil
in the ground" is a favorite line.
Cool tune, I love 5/4. Hope to check it out again once the vocals are added!