The Explorer's Ballad

by @songsfromthemoons

Liner Notes

#country #indie_folk #silly #sad #folk #acoustic

Music by Jordan
Lyrics by Jordan/Ruby

Here's a song about a man whose life has been ruined. I recorded a demo of this at the start of FAWM, but Mixcraft crashed and ate my hard work - admittedly, it was just a simple guitar/vocal track much like this one, but it still bummed me out enough to not wanna rerecord it immediately. I think this is a fitting end to our FAWM run, though there is one more I wanna do as perhaps a bonus if I can get it finished by tonight.

This song is dedicated to the memory of Internet Explorer. o7


In the new millennium, y'know, I was number one
Everybody knew me 'round town, felt like things had just begun
But then the fox showed up and coated my leg in chrome
Now I'm drinkin' in this bar with no hair upon my dome

"nothin' against bald people, y'know... I just miss having hair"

But, y'know, I've been thinkin' about them older times
When I was the king, and you a friend, my partner in crime
Bookmarkin' everything that would try to catch your eye
But now I see you ain't here no more, and I have to wonder why

With a compass, a spear, and a mouse in your hand
You and me would go on out and explore across the land
No corner of the world was ever too dark to search
But now I'm all alone - guess you found some place new to surf

Took me a decade or two to release y'had to quit
When everybody's goin' 'round with a newer piece of kit
Now this bottle's my only friend, but I just can't read its name
The label's far too blurry, though I guess it's all the same

Not to say my point again, like a record player broke
But when I got that letter in the mail, I thought it was some awful joke
They were removin' my name and face from every nook and corner
So soon time will forget the world's first Internet Explorer

"thank ya... thank ya very much"


Wonderful lyrics, excellent idea. I like the delivery too.