Leave Them Wanting Less

by @plushbaby

Liner Notes

This was one of the first I started working on, yet it's one of the last to be finished as a demo. Originally the idea was some sparse chords and a big echoey beat, kind of inspired by Jeff Buckley's songs on 'My sweetheart the drunk'.

This minimalism became a maximalism as I recorded 4 different tracks of guitar playing the skeletal chords, then added some more stuff, a couple of guitars playing a melody, a piano, some percussion. It took a while for me to feel like i'd found a melody that I felt worked. Turns out it was pretty much the thing I sang when first playing it into my voicenotes.

Still not really sure on the bridge melody, I like the chords but the melody sounds a bit uninspired to me.

Once I had the melody it became what inspired the words as nothing really stood out. So I went searching through some words I'd written over the month. I woke up one morning and had written about six verses to the tune of George Harrison's 'Isn't it a Pity' (I think I'd rewatched a bit of Get Back that evening).

Those verse had been inspired by some books I bought for my kids which were Greek and Roman myths and stories. Among them was the story of Pandora's Box. I'd obviously heard of it and knew what it meant, but don't think I had ever actually read the story. So brought that idea, and that hope was also released with the horrors of the box to bring a bit of positivity.

I suppose it's an easy jump to say that the internet is Pandora's Box, not original but there it is. I was also thinking about how all of this data we all have is archived and what will happen to it. How easily will our generational knowledge be lost? Also inspired by stories of people losing loads o bitcoin on stickdrives.

Then I was also thinking about how hungry we all are for more, more, more. Nothing is enough - tv shows, short videos, restaurant recommendations, songs, money. Everything. This all coalesced when I heard the title phrase as a quote from Andy Warhol, and borrowed it


All your desires in a little black box. Connected wires, delivered by Gods.
Everything you could ever truly want. Pandora opened up, now look what we got.

Leave them wanting less.

It’s all at your fingertips. But it doesn’t even touch the sides.
There is no competition. So shape your thoughts adjust your aim.
I got no skin left in this game.

Hope floats on temples left to rot, civilisations we forgot.
Infinite lakes of corrupted harddrives, encrypted data unrecovered resides.

It’s all at your fingertips. But it doesn’t even touch the sides.
There is no competition. So shape your thoughts, adjust your aim.
I got no skin left in this game.

Leave them wanting less
Leave them wanting less
I don’t know where to go I just fall and fall
Around the reservoir, over the skyscraper
Shoot down my desire and leave them wanting less.

You can take but you have to leave. We invite you to believe.


Great composition! It might be a spoiler, but you could open with the first “keep them wanting less,” since chords into it will still be harmonically surprising. The progressions could have some instrumental or solos instead of lyrics, the second or third time through. The chords and melody into the first chorus are brilliant. The variation could wait until the third time or the end as a coda/solo outro, possibly.

Not sure the verses exactly set up the chorus, exactly. Since you’re working with the Pandora’s box idea and how the Internet was such a promising prospect. But now it’s giving us too much of everything. By the Garden of Earthy Delights painting.

The course it was kind of ironic, you could make it sincere using the Zen idea of how once you don’t have the desire for it, you get what you really wanted. Like in love, etc. Somehow making a dichotomy of those concepts you have. The melancholia of the Harrison song is perfect.