Don't Make My Baby Wait

by @pjchristie

Liner Notes

Gettin it done for FAWM!
#acoustic_one_take #singer_songwriter #guy_with_guitar


I found out a long time ago that babies always come out late
I’ll tell you people right now, don’t make my baby wait

Don’t make my baby wait

Where he come from I don’t know, there’s time to kill they say
Time stands still for foxy women who make my baby wait

So I disappear and I reappear. I never know from day to day
The morning just got away from me, don’t make my baby wait

I traded tomatoes, for small potatoes, but why did I hesitate
Don’t make my baby wait


Pithy and punchy and folky and all sorts of good. Nice write! While this obviously shows its reverence for the folk greats of all ages, it reminds me of a number of alternative artists that incorporate a bluesy structure into their existing sound. I could see Mark Arm bringing a tune like this to workshop with Mudhoney, for example.