Beautiful Loneliness

by @pornstache

Liner Notes

We've been out for a week on a music cruise (next year all our songs will be cowpunk!) but had to get one last tune in for FAWM 2023. This little number was recorded in one take with an acoustic lead overdub, and the lyrics are by Anthony and probably about a girl or something. You'd have to ask him.


Beautiful loneliness
Fire sleeping in the west
This blanket of memories
Pulled up to my chest
Shields my heart
Or at least tries its best

But I still felt the red wind
All around
A reassuring sound
Trying again
To make me believe
An alternate ending
To the final scene

Had to come to this
Starts with one last kiss
Now you're gone
And I have only this
Beautiful loneliness

And I still hear the red wind
Feel the flame
That will soon flicker out
And be carried away
By tears that flow
Into a forest stream
An oasis in
This terrible dream
Of loneliness

I want so much more
But I'll settle for less
To spit in the face
Of loneliness


Enjoyed the tune and the simple recording!