by @aflinner

Liner Notes

I started working on this one a couple of weeks ago, and kept working on the music because the words weren't flowing as freely, but I finally got it done. I had ideas for a few different versions of the chorus, but in the end I just kept it simple. And I was going to add a bass, but it's time to put this down for a bit. Hope you enjoy it.

Now to start catching up on my thank-yous and listening! Even though I didn't his 14 this year, it was still a good month. In the big picture, 10 new songs (or any new songs) is still a win. Hope you all got as much out of this FAWM as me. Thanks for listening.



The world's on fire but you tell yourself you're just fine
Shut in the cellar like your veins are full of rare wine
Up on the surface, every scratch you see is a hairline crack
Just waiting to break

Everybody's got opinions and they're all right
Throwing elbows for a chance to take the spotlight
Raising torches, always looking for a fresh fight
Looking for something to break


I saw the anchorman and woman on the news play
The camera like a violin and hold it like a switchblade
Black and white become a victim of the new gray
What's left when the truth breaks?

Whatever happened to a civil disagreement?
We make the internet a substitute for reason
It's like denying we were wrong is some achievement
How long 'til we break?



Can I just say how much I love this lyric? and the music is just grooving in all the right and best ways. Wonderful song!