All Night Long

by @thomasboles

Liner Notes

I think I have an album brewing about drinking coffee and staying out. (see...see what I did there...Classic but I digress)
I use to roam around in my neighborhood with friends from the local cafe. We would just decend upon the place at the end of the day and figure out what was next. Often we were out eating pupusas into the wee hours before collapsing into bed only to slog through the next day, ready for another adventure.
This one could have used a ton more practice and a few months of touring to get it right but I only had a few hours to spare. Perhaps a rewrite for MAWM (the songwriting challenge for those that work too much in February and then write 14 songs in March).

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It’s barely 3 o’clock and I’m already done
There’s no way I can make it until the setting sun
At least we can meet for coffee and wait for a 2nd wave
Cause we both know despite the hour we’re still just making our way

We can stay out all night/ all night long
Hit up the shady spot on bayshore or relax at the cafe
Cause the nights are so fun
while the days just get in the way
Let's stay out and play

There are no wrongs there is no time lost
We’re all just laughing away
There are no jobs no hob nobs
We’re all just friends at play
It might take all night but we wonder why
We can’t do this all day
just as well cause tomorrow is another night anyway

You can’t tell me you don’t love it when we run around and
never coming down from our friendship high
it has to be this way


When's the tour start?
Love the vibe of this song. I was hoping you'd work pupusas in somewhere! Bring on MAWM!