The Negotiator

by @winchperry


Liner Notes

#songskirmish, #S022823, #feast, #MakeADeal

Ok, THIS is my Last song...
Since I'm a Realtor I had to do this one! the Skirmish theme was Make a Deal/Contract. This may be a bit of bragging, but it's certainly what I aspire to!
Anyone need a Realtor in the Philly, PA area, I'm you girl!


Verse 1:
The market's hot, you may have heard,
Homes flyin' off the shelves.
You may have clicked through Zillow
and tried to shop yourselves,
But I'll warn you, these conditions
aren't for the weak of will.
They'll eat you up and spit you out,
have you running for the hills,

I'm the negotiator.
I'll make a deal for you.
I bring people together.
This is what I do.
I'm the arbitrator.
I wear the thickest skin.
I can broker any contract,
and always get a win win win win win!

Verse 2:
Ya gotta wear the booties.
Ya gotta wear a mask.
These 15 minute showings
will have us sprinting like the Flash.
You gotta waive inspections
and you gotta overpay.
Gotta promise your first born
and close in 30 days.

God help the first timer
with no leverage in the game.
You'll put in 14 bids.
The answers always the same.
But I'll stand by you
       I know how it is played
and I must get paid.

verse 3:
So much is confusing.
Just stick with me, Kid.
Contract terms and legalese,
and Fear to commit.
But when you're at the closing,
Just as we planned,
You'll be signing and smiling,
with that key in your hand!


Hey, Christine - this is a great song. Makes me happy not to be buying or selling right now, but sure sounds like you are made for it. Great FAWMing with you.
It's both a song and a personal jingle 😀 Always cool to get a peek into 'real life' for a FAWMer. (Hopefully not too much waiving of inspections though!)

I like the strong minor-keyish tune a lot.