you always appear

by @musuko

Liner Notes


I don't like this one. It's....bad. But I fawm'd it so I can move on.


sometimes I find myself in the darkness
and I don’t feel afraid
but I realize that danger is imminent
I realize that I’m on the edge

You have told me much of what is to come
but I cannot perceive the way to get to it
i know there is a better way than my own
and i know that you are on the throne

i cannot get away from here
i cannot contend with this fear
but when i know that you are near
then my faith is strong and you always appear


From the lyric I was expecting a very different kind of sound. I was imagining a sort of "singer-songwriter" feel. If you don't like the song, one thing to try is to give it a different vibe.

The lyric mostly works, could use some minor tweaks. But overall it's a good song.