03 - Wishing At Nothing

by @onetomany

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Liner Notes

This is the only song I did for FAWM this year where I actually played the guitar- lol. I'm so naughty :P ....actually severe time restrictions this year required a few short cuts. Didn't do much live recording. This song is one where I did. ;)

Believe it or not, the vocal was done cold not knowing what I was going to sing - on the fly, employing my usual gibberish method you'll hear on other tracks this year, with a lot of "free-form" interpretation afterward - like creating meaningful sentences from Satanic Backtracks. This is a one-take Vocal, and I was surprised afterward by what came out lyrically. I've never had this happen so completely before ... I guess I had a lot on my mind? - lol .... Or, maybe I had a visit from my muse? ;)

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Wow-that was amazing. You just did the lyrics on the fly. I enjoyed the music as well-good beat, and I liked the instrumentals.