Me and My Guitar - 7

by @deadhead

Liner Notes

The series where I just pick up my guitar and play. Err well.. I first sit at the drums, then the bass, and then I pick up my guitar and play. The idea being I just wing it. In this case, I've been unable to write any actual songs today so thought some improv might help get the juices flowing. I feel something happening, so hopefully tomorrow is a day full of musical adventure!

...I probably should've picked such a hard bass line. I haven't touched that instrument since last FAWM and hoo boy is it sloppy.



I'm a big fan of improv. That was fun!
Excellent, really cool sound. And this is improvised!!! You sound like a three piece band.
I like the way you're thinking here. I might have to create something using your technique...of improv for breaking log jams. I was picturing a driver's POV while driving, then your changes into the chorus (?) is when the driver hits traffic. Traffic clears when you get back to the original lines. Cool. Visual tune,
I know what you mean about just getting the juices flowing. I liked your depending chorus section... promising moments there. Have fun!