Not Bad

by @deadhead · @lavishdude · @stephenwordsmith

Liner Notes

@deadhead: I saw these lyrics and had a song before I even finished reading the first stanza. Funny how that happens sometimes... At first I didn't like it at all. Almost didn't record it, but it's FAWM so kept going. And boy its grown on me. I also can't believe how the vocals turned out at the end, I've never sung like that before πŸ˜…
...though hoo boy I hate my guitar solo, oh well, its FAWM...

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#acoustic #alternative #upright-bass


How're you doing?
Yeah, not bad
Despite the year or two we've had
And, sure, the world's been in wars
But summer's here, it's nice outdoors
And in the end, we should be glad
So, yeah, not bad
Yeah, not bad

How's it going?
Yeah, same same
Nothing major on the brain
Though getting by is getting steep
I'm safe enough I don't lose sleep
And in the end, I can't complain
So, yeah, same same
Yeah, same same

All right, It's cool, I'm fine, I'm sweet
I'm here, still kicking, on my feet
I've grabbed the ends and made them meet
For one more week... For one more week

How're you feeling?
Yeah, OK
I'll live to fight another day
There's not a lot left in the purse
But others out there they got it worse
So I'll keep heading on my way
So yeah, OK
Yeah, OK


Great vocals throughout....lots of dramatic changes.
Stephen's lyrics are always a joy to read.
Like the cool rhythms too
Title is definitely true. This is a very spiffy collab, folks. That bass has such a great sound; it borders on the seismic! Love the attitude in the lyrics; very much adopts the quintessentially British way of answering the question "How are you?" with "Yeah, fine thanks" regardless of the reality of the situation (earthquakes, floods, dogs and cats living together...)
Certainly not Bad, not Bad at all!
Really engaging take on a wonderfully perfectly formed lyric. After the more conversational first verses, it gets a great groove going from the bridge onwards.
This is a relatively chipper interpretation than what I did LOL Nice!
Love your playing, esp. that gtr solo.
love how it builds into the instrumental, i like your solo a lot. great delivery, cool groove. love how you go for it! oh yeah and the lyrics just capture the ironic, sarcastic tone that is then echoed in the delivery, and nice touch with the bass too. lovely collab
I get tons of sarcasm in your performance. Cool phrasing in vocals and instruments both
Love the vocals and harmony lines. Tight bass, Nice.
That was really cool! It's actually not clear whether the narrato is actually OK or not, although at the end I think the cracks are starting to show.

I'm also impressed at the intensity in the second half. I didn't think it was a lyric that lent itself to being belted out, but you did it.
I like the edge to the vocal and the overall upbeat feel that you've captured to the lyric, as opposed to the more melancholy take I did of the words.
I really like the vocals, tasteful harmonies and acoustic guitar solo!
Highlight musically for me is the vocal phrasing. It’s a super interesting and non obvious delivery. Great energy and creative take on the lyrics. Fun lyrics that turned into a fun tune. That guitar solo is better than you think. It added a lot. And yes, vocally you killed it at the end.
This is super cool. You should sing like that... very raw. Just drew me in