Regarding Reality

by @deadhead

Liner Notes

A followup to my first song of this year's FAWM, Journey of Reverie ( This song represents either the dreamer waking up, or maybe their dreams turn to their real life. I was imaging a third movement after this one, but this one feels too final. Maybe I've written the last two already and I now need to write a first movement. 🤔

Man, I've spent way too long on this. It's been five days of... probably close to six hours each day. And while its growing on me, I really don't think I like it enough for how many hours I've sunk into this. Maybe I just need some time away from it. Maybe I just have too high expectations for my music.

Anyhoo, this song is almost entirely composed. You can find the sheet music for it here ( I changed a few bits and pieces while practicing and recording it, but the structure should be as is. The lead guitar part requires ridiculous stamina to play. I was unable to record each part in a single session. I needed three sessions over two days to rest between. Thank you DAWs for your editing capabilities.

That's enough for now. Enjoy!

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Oh, this is sumptuous. I really like how the slow, consistent strumming acts like a drone. I also really like the slow build the guitar in the second movement is beautiful, and the intensity building with that outstanding guitar playing is awesome. Such a wonderful instrumental that I couldn't tear myself away from if I tried, in spite of its length. Kudos
Perfect for Saturday morning. Really good themes here. Great playing! I hear Spanish, Morricone, Clapton.. also a sucker for that descending chord progression. Great job!
I'm lifting my hat for the patience you have for a FAWM song. I'd rather quit after 6 hours and postpone the recording for months... and you made it sound quite finished. The mixing of the guitars against the bass is so awesome. And it's super pleasant to follow the lead guitar. Your time was spent well.
I think this is really great. I think all the work you put into this paid off. Really nice phrasing in the melodies. Some of the guitar parts are really percussive and help drive the song. Nice use of muting. Great playing, the recording sounds wonderful.
Bravo! Impressive piece of music. Now I will revisit Journey of Reverie. Maybe I should have done that before I listened to this. But Alas that ship has sailed. Again...very cool.
When this piece started, I envisioned lumbering elephants. I call it the elephant dance.