Banned By DistroKid

by @jtsteam

Liner Notes

True story, told in the form of #ukulele #nerd_folk that it turns out DistroKid just can't handle. #fuc

In the end, none of this really matters, but this is as good a place as any (and, indeed, this is as good a form as any) to vent.



I [G]thought I'd make a [C]record
[G]Must be fun to [D]try
[G]Put it out on [Em]Bandcamp
[C]Maybe Spo[D]tify

So [G]I paid my subs[C]cription and signed
[G]Up to Distro[D]kid
[G]Sent them my [Em]songs
And all I [C]had to do was [D]wait

So I did[D7][D6]

[G]Nothing happened for [C]weeks
I [G]asked them what had gone [D]wrong
Was it [G]something I'd for[Em]gotten
That [C]made it take so [D]long?

My [C]message was re[D]turned
And [C]this is what I [D]learned...[D7][D6]

I'm [G]banned [C]by [D]Distro[G]Kid,
[C]And they won't tell me [D]why
But I'm [G]banned [C]by [D]Distro[G]Kid
[C]Maybe it's justi[D]fied?

[G]Banned [C]by [D]Distro[G]Kid,
[C]No streaming for [D]me,
[G]Banned [C]by [D]Distro[G]Kid,
But of [C]course, they'll [D]keep the [G]fee


[G]Is the market [C]crowded with
[G]ukulele [D]jokes
[G]Oversatur[Em]ated with
[C]Too much nerdy [D]folk

[G]Was there a cond[C]ition
I [G]hadn't under[D]stood
[G]Maybe they're just [Em]scared to tell me
[C]It's not very [D]good

[C]I might not be a [D]pro
But [C]I still don't get to [D]know[D7][D6]

Why I'm [G]banned [C]by [D]Distro[G]Kid,
Sub[C]missions all de[D]nied
[G]Banned [C]by [D]Distro[G]Kid
[C]And they say it's for [D]life

[G]Banned [C]by [D]Distro[G]Kid,
[C]No streaming for [D]me,
[G]Banned [C]by [D]Distro[G]Kid,
But of [C]course, they'll [D]keep the [G]fee


Ooh dear. Sorry about your ban! Entertaining song as always.
Sorry about the reason this song exists, but I found it an entertaining listen, for sure - have you tried submitting it to DistroKid? Wait...Too soon? (sorry...)
Did they truly say banned for life? Because that seems a little crazy to me, but, I guess so does, not telling you why.
(But, I agree w/ marilisa - can't overlook the "been banned cachet" !!)
Well, this gives your music a whole new edginess - “that Edwin - he’s been banned from streaming services, you know”. Nothing makes books sell faster than being banned, so maybe that works for ukulele folk, too, and you’re about to hit the big time?

Seriously, what nonsense. I’m sorry that happened but you’ve definitely got a good song and a good story out of it!
Sorry that Distrokid gave you the heave-ho. Given some of the language that gets onto the airwaves and streams, I'm surprised that anything gets censored.

On the plus side, however, the experience has given you a story to incorporate in an entertaining song, so full marks to you for that. Lemonade from lemons.
I had to listen a second time as i got so absorbed with the story! Never heard of that happening (long time Distrokid user) I agree good place to vent! bannings are such a mystery!