Deep In The Briny Damps

by @tcelliott · @stephenwordsmith

Liner Notes

#stolenlyric #collab #rock #hard_rock

TC: S made the mistake of posting an idea he had but didn't feel was worth pursuing in slack. I'm not too proud to ruin anyone's good taste so I ran with it.


The Octopus
With Octodecillion legs
Would dwell each and every day
Deep In the briny damps

And spend each evening
In her cups
she sulkily said, 'This sucks'
While wincing from
Octodecillion cramps
Deep in the briny damps


Ah yes! I’m so satisfied by the mention of brine in song lyrics.
Great crunchy guitar hook and the tom pattern in the third part of the opening section makes for an epic sound. Super vocal melody really caught my ear. The whole thing had me nodding away. The briny damps is such a stellar song name. Loved it!
The Briny Damps should be a band name! Digging the rocking!
oh look, you did it! `:] the hard and crunchy guitar is a great fit for the lyrics.
Great stuff!
This sounds like a punkier version of Jethro Tull...this came out really cool!!! Digging the whimsical nature of it all!
Thank you for helping me drown the inner critic and post something in the spirit of FAWM.

You've hit on a good balance here - mostly rocking out, interrupted with some brief nonsense about an octopus.
Slack is full of endless inspiration :) Rock on, this is awesome