She Is Of Wild Magic

by @prota_gonist

Liner Notes

Time Signature Note: This song is in 5/8 time. The "extra weird" sections are 3 measures of 6/8 plus 2 beats of 4/4... so, still 5/8, but subdivided extra funky.

So, yup, another D&D-inspired electric #guitar based track; I think this is just what I'm doing this year. This one is #progressive #metal with epic and math metal elements, dedicated to the Wild Magic Sorcerer subclass.

I am by no means "normally" a prog-metal composer, and I'm not usually this, er, let's call it "ambitious" during FAWM, so please let me know what you think- constructive criticism requested.


She is of wild magic;
She is of waking dreams.
She has felt broken seconds
Rip apart at the seams.

She plays host to the chaos,
hundred-faced and arcane.
She is of wild magic...
and it drives her insane.


@nadine Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it. I agree with you about the disconnection and abrupt transitions. I was def rushing on this one and it shows. But, it can only get better from here!
Cool try on odd meters. Its challenging to write catchy melodies with them. And I really liked the rhythms you came up with. And I definitely got that folk metal dnd vibe.
The parts feel a bit disconnected because the changes we're too abrupt. Listening to prog music, I think that they take more time to introduce new elements and rhythms. Its hard to say how to do it right. There are no rules just try :)