Hey, I’m Adam. I write songs with vocals under my name, and I do instrumental/ambient music as Dream Field 209.


I am a guitarist that focuses on sound design, and I utilize open tunings and capos more often than standard tuning.

Life Updates: I got engaged back in May and will be marrying my beautiful fiancée Kylee in July. As for work, I am a quality assurance monitor in a food production plant, although I am actively looking for opportunities to do something with music or video production. My FAWM projects may be a little rough around the edges due to a busier schedule this year.

Artists I Love:

Alvvays - jangle pop with shoegaze style guitars, amazing lyrics

Novo Amor - singer-songwriter that utilizes open tunings often. He's the one that opened the door to DADAAD tuning on my electric guitars and CGCGGC on acoustic.

Mayday Parade - because I'm an emo kid at heart even though I am 28 now

Jogging House - super relaxing ambient synthesizer soundscapes

#ambient #shoegaze #alternate_tuning


I love open tunings! Can’t wait to hear your music!
..and the very same to you, namesake. Blue rev is brilliant isn't it?
Thank you so much, Adam for your warm welcome. Enjoy a great Fawm.
Hey! Just read your profile update. Congrats on getting engaged!
Hey Adam, following ya 'cause I'm in Milwaukee. I dig Alvvays too, so I'm sure we'll have at least some musical tastes overlap :)
I'm glad you like the Eno quote!
That dude is a font of wisdom.
Anyway, have a great FAWM!!
Hey Adam - hope all is well with you! Looking forward to your ambient chillness!
Thanks, Adam, that's nice to hear! Good to see you back here again. It'll be a fun FAWM, rough edges and all. One of these days I hope we can get together somewhere in Wisconsin to chat and share music and whatnot.

Oh, and congratulations on your engagement!