I've been Songsville and edwn here on FAWM and now I'm datsch

Different name, same through-composed, botany-focused, rhyme-free and multigenre stuff as before.

My FAWM 2022 album 'Crowden' is out now and it's about a copse and it's plant inhabitants as seen through the eyes of Cro. Each songtitle is simply 'Crow's Copse' but in a different language, going alphabetically from Arabic to Latin.

For 2023 I will be doing another Cro album, this time about the wild orchids which I have been finding on the chalk downlands ...


Hi and welcome back!
I'm completely with you on the ease with which the fan fret bass fell under my hands. It's my go to instrument now.
I'm going to tune the low E down to C on the Fly to get one more, take that!
I sure do love your music!
Looking forward to hearing more!
Welcome back! I am so looking forward to your new tracks! Have a great FAWM!