I am doubtful I will write 50 songs, but rather make as many as I can and enjoy the process.

Like last year, I will likely make a few videos for my ongoing space project and some new music works for the project as well.

Online scoring competitions happen occasionally and I often am not able to participate at the time they happen due to other life events. I have many video competition projects that I saved for later and will likely work on some of those as well.

Thanks for listening and hope you have a great 5090!



Hello and have a great FAWM!
Thanks! An excellent FAWM to you, as well. Glad you're here 😀
@heliosonorous Thanks! I hope you have a great FAWM as well! (I hope to write a few songs with my son this time).
Happy FAWMing to you as well! Can't wait to hear some new tracks from you.

See You In The Shadows…
Happy FAWM, P! I look forward to your lush soundscapes and visual projects!!
Have a great FAWM!!
I look forward to hearing more of your awesome spacey music!
Same to you! Happy FAWMing!
Likewise - have a great FAWM!
Hey you too! Looking forward to listen and follow you again. Happy fawm!
Welcome back! Looking forward to hear from you 😊🎵
I'm so looking forward to your tunes! 😎
As I am to yours, my friend! Let's do this! Bring the 🔥 Hugs.
Thanks!! We’re excited to get cracking on it. Looking forward to what you’ve got cooked up as well. Happy FAWM!
Thanks for checking in and wishing you a happy FAWM too!
good to seee you back this year. looking forward to your amazing sounds.