Georgie Cooper






Hello all! I was born and raised in the American Army as a military brat wandering the earth wherever my dad was stationed. Now settled in my mother’s native UK, married to a Londoner where we both are living/working in the music industry.

Sometimes girl with guitar, sometimes girl with DAW. I love creating wherever the music takes me! I do whatever suits the song so you may hear me in many different vocal guises. I am lucky to be one half of the Cooper/Jones writing team so you’ll see a lot of stuff from us but also happy to collab with others time allowing.

Hoping to make it to #50 this summer. Not done much personal writing since Feb so have been storing up my creative juices for this! Looking to get some new songs for my live set as well as some productions for release.

Much love FAWMily & have a rock in’ 5090!!!


Hi Georgie - happy FAWMing!!