Hi all,

My name is Ant Rideout and I'm a musician and collaborator in many different genres of the music community.

I released my first album, "Nothing Goes Here" in 2021 after deciding that I had finished ideas that were worth sharing! Since then I have been creating a new track almost daily trying to evolve as a creative person.

I am a upright and electric bassist and play any style that those instruments show up in, from classical to contemporary. I can read charts as well as improvise and would love to collaborate! I also play a little guitar in case any one needs it.

This is my first year in the FAWM community and I'm excited to be here! Looking forward to hearing everyone's hard work!

#instrumental #electronic #bass #bassguitar #uprightbass #doublebass #jazz #folk #rock #acoustic #blues #bluegrass #country #jam #guitar



Glad you made it. Hope you had a good FAWM.
Welcome to the most amazing community on the internet!
Welcome to FAWM! Hope you have a great month, and get to enjoy the community.
Welcome welcome. If this is your first FAWM, it can be a little crazy, but, you get out by putting in, or whatever the saying is.

Maybe go cruise around the forums? You'll find lots of interesting people to collaborate with.