Folks who make FAWM happen.

Burr Settles. Chief Hyphenator.

Burr does R&D and general hackery for FAWM. One of the "founding fawmers" from 2004, he has helped keep it going ever since.

Burr Photo!

Eric & Jen Distad. The Faithful Sidekicks.

Eric was talked into FAWM back in 2004 and has been addicted ever since. Eric deals with file hosting, manages and ships merch, and helps keep FAWM running. Jen spends her FAWM processing donations, shipping swag, listening to lots of great new music, and cheering on other fawmers.

Eric & Jen Photo!

Beto Dealmeida. Foobar.

Beto joined FAWM in 2016, and since then February is their favorite month of the year. Beto helped with the "Great FAWM Rewrite of Whenever" that actually happened in 2022.

Beto Photo!


And a huge thanks to our volunteer moderators who help keep the conversations civil, productive, and focused on creativity!

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