A multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and amateur vocalist, Cam has always used music as an escape. Playing piano since he was six, he grew up as a classical musician under several different teachers throughout middle school and high school. He started playing electric guitar at age 14 and started to jam with a friend William Provine (drummer for Soul From Body).

Upon starting undergrad at Ithaca College, Cam started to experiment more with electronic music and rock music elements, releasing the first Trinity Project EPs, Remixes & Reimaginations, Bits & Pieces, and Future Realities within a six-month period between September 2019 and March 2020. Upon returning home due to the pandemic, the opportunity reemerged to start up Soul From Body again, that summer the band wrote/recorded/released their debut EP Escape The World, and would followup a year later (after a handful of Trinity singles by Cam) with The Bleeding Moon EP where after the band disbanded. While at Ithaca, Cam had also gotten involved with the Ithaca College Open Mic Night scene, becoming co-presidents with Ben Macarell in his last two years of undergrad. During his senior year, Cam and Ben formed a group with Yushi Portwood called Port MacNam and released the EP Can't Hold Back in July of 2022. Since then Cam has finished the follow-up Trinity Project album to Future Realities. A new album called Life In Dreams will release on December 9th, 2022.

#rock #instrumental #singer_songwriter #electronic #guitar #trinity #lifeindreams



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