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  • Brooklyn, NY, USA
Pronouns: They/Them

I’m back for my second FAWM! My first proved very fruitful. I wrote 14 songs and officially released my last track, There’s a Monster in the Gowanus! (a collaboration with a non-FAWM friend) in October 2022 as a single. To my surprise, the song ended up becoming an underground hit! I popped off a bit on TikTok because of a video I made about the song. To date, There’s a Monster in the Gowanus! is nearing 40K streams on Spotify and I have so many new supporters! I never thought I would ever have legitimate side hustle doing music. That was never my goal! I just wanted to write songs because I was tired of playing classical music (I'm a classically trained bassoon player). Writing songs was only supposed to be a hobby... yet here we are!

I am currently working on my first album...or EP… I don’t know yet! But I'm hoping in any case, to write 14 songs this FAWM and then I will decide.

My style is a mix-mosh of dance-pop, synth-pop, art-pop and dream-pop. I like catchy songs. I hope you do too.


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