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Singer/songwriter in Syracuse, writing catchy and clever songs about things you haven't heard songs about.
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Thanks for your comment on Choices, Choices, I completely missed it. I'm quite keen on improving those words, and appreciate your suggestions. The lodestone of the song lyrically is "choices don't make me" and the rest of the song needs to be directed by that to work properly.

In the verse you pick I'm quite attached to the the allusions to Hansel and Gretel and Ariadne's yarn. Now ask my why in a song about the emptiness of individualism/consumer society there really needs to be an allusion to those things, and I'm not going to be able to give you a straight answer! Okay, if I was pushed, I suppose it's a contrast between a slightly grim "every choice you make is right, because it's YOUR choice", which offers no path out of the morass, and actually having a route laid out before you by your moral compass, or by someone who is actively trying to help you improve yourself.

Ideally there'd be both - a more eyecatching rhyme scheme AND the meaning, which will take a bit more thought I suppose.

Iit is quite rare people are willing to offer constructive criticism on here, and I love anything you've got for me.
Hey man, I appreciate your comment on my song! I've honestly struggled a lot with phrasing lyrics and vocals when writing songs so I've been trying to focus on that for this month. I'm super glad you pointed that out 😄
Thanks so much for offering to put music to “Voice(less)”! Please go for it. I’m very excited to hear what you come up with.
Thank you so much for your kind and insightful comments on my song, “Two Bottles Of Beer”. Really appreciate it! I’ll be back when I have more time to listen to some of your songs! :-)