Hey y'all 👋🏻 I'm Kelsey Ellen. My music is a placemaker for me-telling stories about my world helps me make sense of it.

I released my first album in 2022 titled "Poor Me," as a way to cope with grief and lament against the grind we're all put through. I'm hoping to compile a collection of stories from my family and small town home this year.

I'm a full time music maker and teacher, and am always looking to deepen into connection through music. I teach piano and songwriting in my online music studio: Kelsey Plays Piano.

Looking to collaborate? You should know that I'm a gemini stellium, studied harp as my secondary instrument, and, with respect, arguing is my love language.

Thank you for asking before opening a collaboration or offering feedback! I'm excited to develop my ideas here, but am not always looking for notes, sometimes I'm just looking to share and celebrate the work as is.

This is my first year in the FAWM collective space and I'm so excited to be here!

#piano #girl_with_piano #americana #rock #folk #bluesy #blues_rock #singer_songwriter #electricamericana #keytar #singer #teacher #pianoteacher #onlineteacher #onlinepianoteacher



Hope you had a good FAWM. If you add lyrics or demos for any of your songs, let me know. The titles are intriguing and I'd love to listen or read the words.
Welcome to FAWM! Hope you have a great month, and get to enjoy the community.
Welcome to FAWM, Kelsey!!
Welcome to you! I hope that you enjoy your experience here, write a bunch of new songs, and get out into the community. It's a great place. Enjoy!
Welcome to FAWM!
Welcome to FAWM! Looking forward to hearing you!
Welcome to FAWM - last year was my first year and I'm so glad I stumbled in. I also lean into #americana and #story-telling and #family-stories. Lyrics are my native language, but I'm leaning into singing and playing the guitar and excavating chords and melodies to get the stories across. I'm even trying to convince myself to record some banging chords out on a keyboard. Maybe this is the year. Glad you're here.