Liz Miller






  • Mansfield US
Love this community! I've really spread my wings last couple of years-using drum tracks, multitracking, and using various instruments (with varying results). Writing songs since 2017 but just finished second year on FAWM. I love singer-songwriters, but am hoping to write some songs more appropriate for a band. I have been playing ukulele for about 8 years now, can noodle on the keyboard, and have a guitar in the corner wondering when I'm going to learn to play it. A violin is mocking me from the other corner.

Really enjoyed the skirmishes last year. Spent all of March listening to fantastic music by other FAWMers. Might try some collaborating this summer since I've never done.


looking forward to your songs!
Great to be here with you!
Happy FAWM 2023!
Thank you! I can promise you that I'm done with the chemical elements but hopefully there will still be fun and levity to be had this year! Have a great FAWM!