• Oshawa CA

This is my 9th FAWM, and I've probably created about 10 songs.....so I'm pretty snail-like when it comes to music. I love to create it, but man.....does my inspiration take deep nose-dives sometimes haha. 'Slow and Steady wins the race' I suppose ahahaha...hah...ha ༼ ༎ຶ ᆺ ༎ຶ༽

BUT YES! As always, I'm super excited to be back for another year of musical creativity! I suck hard at it, but I love finding hella' cool content from other fellow fawmers. I would love to participate in more collabs this year and see if that can get my juices flowing, and just interact with people (due to my personal situation, been kind of starved of human interaction.....so love to just talk to people about what I love, music!)

As for my music tastes, I'll pretty much give anything a listen-to. My own personal songs tends to be more on the R&B, Soul, Hiphop, Lofi - side of the musical spectrum though. ◑____◑ A list of my music inspirations are: SZA, Jazmine Sullivan, Lauren Hill, Iyla, H.E.R, FLO, grouptherapy, Duckwrth, Syd, Prince, Janet Jackson, TIAAN, etc.



Thank you for the comment on my song! I'm slowly getting more material posted, but comments like yours are very encouraging. :-)
Thank you! Jet Set Radio is like literally the highest compliment I could ever get! I play that game at least once a year, mainly for the music. Love the game too, but that damn soundtrack is so good!
Always looking for collabs! That’s the best part! Feel free to shoot me a line aburozskiwork@gmail
Thanks for the comment on Begging, I'm glad you liked it, and feel free to talk to me during FAWM, happy to chat. :)
Thanks so very kindly! Look forward to hearing some of your stuff. Hit us up you wanna do a collab! Sometimes that helps get my inspiration moving
Well, well, well…so very nice to see you’re back at it one more time! Excellent! I may not be as involved this go round. LIfe happens, y’know? At any rate, here’s to a happy FAWM! All the best to you and who knows - maybe we can get a collab this time? LOL!