They/them. Omnichord player, just finished writing a narwhal musical and am working on the comic adaptation, check out my site :)

I’m up for a collab if you want to try! I love singing backup, adding hooks, and adding lyrics to instrumental tracks. I’ve never virtually collabed before, but I’ll do my best!

As for my music, people compare me to Rebecca Sugar and Regina Spektor pretty often, both huge compliments!
#omnichord #singer_songwriter



So are you saying that Narwhals Exist or that you are a Narwhal Sexist? I'm not judging either way, but I want to make sure I have the correct mental priming when interacting. Imagine the difference if I said something like, "I'm inviting Narwhals of all genders to the party."

Narwhals Exist may respond with, "effing A, bruh! Bring all the mother lovin' Narwhals you can! They exist after all!"

Narwhal Sexist may respond with, "eff A, bruh? Bringing all the mother lovin' Narwhals? You know how I feel about Narwhals of the weaker gender. I can't believe you. I thought you knew me, bruh."

So just in case we're planning a Narwhal party, it's vital to know this.

(bee tea dubs... don't put too much time, attention, or energy into anything I say to anyone ever.... lolz)

((unless that is you're on board with whatever chaotic nonsense I'm spouting at the time))

(((in that instance,,,,good on ya)))

((((welko to FAWMZ))))
Woah, didn't know they were gonna put out a new Omnichord. I'll have to keep that in mind and start saving up if the used market goes down (or if the new one doesn't cost too much and seems pretty good) - owning and learning how to play one is a kind of a goal of mine, so thanks for the heads up! - Jordan
Hi there, while we’re not many, I know there are a couple other omnichordist here.
I have a OM300, that I definitely will put to use on a couple of songs.
oh it's an omnichord! yeah love that :)
Omnichords are awesome! Welcome to FAWM, have a good time! :] - Jordan
Welcome to FAWM! Here's hoping we FAWMlings can both make it to the finish with 14 songs!