producer / composer / pianist / singer-songwriter
🏡 residing in Rochester, NY 🏡
🏙️ after spending several years in Chicago
🌲 originally from New England

Previously went by Sarah Eide. Got divorced and went through the giant pain in the ass of changing my stage name... but pretty liberating and well worth it.
I've been doing FAWM since 2015 under @sayda (up until now) but a couple of years fell through the cracks.

My goal this year is to actually have decent demos of songs rather than just iPhone demos of me at a piano which has been my usual. Going for quantity, not quality, in the hope that I get the gears turning and maybe crank out a few good ones. Will probably include at least one or two writing assignments I actually have on my plate.

FAWM 2023, let's go!



I'm so happy to see you too! I'm sorry I was MIA. Sometimes February is hard for me and I end up doing MAWM haha. I hope you're well! <3
Hi Sarrah,
I sent you a request by email. let me know what you think
Thanks for the info, Sarah. I will check it out!
Thanks for the feedback on the tunes. I look forward to having a listen to yours once I get my head above water this weekend!
Ya, that'd be cool steptide@gmail.com
Dang. Looks like I missed the boat this year. Maybe next year, I need singers for my songs though
Sadly the Nord was sold off when I downsized most all of my possessions of anything that was in my various moldy apartments. Will get another someday!
Glad you're back Sarah! Looking forward to hearing your stuff this year
Welcome (back) to FAWM!