• Virginia
Hey! I'm Skye. I use any combo of she/her/they/them pronouns.
I'm on TikTok as @skyezor

I like Pizza, Sea Otters, wearing bold colors and patterns, fancy cocktails and talking about big feelings.

Last year was my most productive songwriting year EVER and I managed to write over 100 songs thanks to Fawm, 50/90 and some other self motivated writing challenges. I’m super excited for this year’s FAWM!

I'm from Norfolk, #Virginia where I teach Songwriting and Ukulele at The Muse Writers Center. Thanks to the pandy-dandy, We’re now a hybrid writing center, offering in person, online and hybrid classes: www.the-muse.org

I primarily play #ukulele , and dabble on Guitar, #glockenspiel, #keyboard #banjo and whatever other cool instruments I happen to encounter. I have been writing songs for about as long as I could talk.

As always, looking forward to making some more musical friendships here. Please say hello or send a message on IG if you’d like to be pals!


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